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The Halfgate sisters are six sisters who live in Midkemia in Betrayal at Krondor.


The six daughters of Flendel Halfgate, Thea, Andrea, Gena, Sara, Kira, and Larissa, live in the northern quarters of the Kingdom.

The Vaults preserve a special proclamation made in the reign of King Lyam I which blesses the Halfgate sisters by name, saying they "provided much needed leather goods, grain, and entertainment for the woefully poor in their hour of need," and promising them and their offspring Dala's favor forever.

Thea Halfgate[]

Thea Halfgate, a solitary widow, lives near the cavern east of Dencamp on the Teeth. She asks the party for some crossbow tips practice with her fiancee, a soldier quartered at Northwarden, and rewards them with a Heavy Crossbow. If the party visits later, she tells them about him: "He's hooked, he just doesn't know it yet."

While visiting Northwarden in Chapter 3, Jimmy the Hand can stop the smuggling out of a love letter to Thea from her soldier beau, Corbi. The party learns in Chapter 5 that Tamney the Minstrel has been facilitating Thea's long-distance relationship with Corbi for several months.

Larissa Halfgate[]

Larissa Halfgate lives on the road east of Highcastle. The door to her nearby barn is rusted and requires +30 Strength to open it. If the party can force the barn door, she will give them some items her sisters left behind when they moved: a shell, an herbal pack, and a Tuning Fork.

Andrea and Gena Halfgate[]

Gena and Andrea Halfgate live along the road east of Highcastle and southwest of Wolfram. In Chapter 2, their violins are out of tune and they want a Tuning Fork, which they are willing to trade for a pair of Leather Leggings.

Sara Halfgate[]

Sarah Halfgate lives down the southern fork of the Highcastle crossroads, in a small but well-decorated home. Her husband, a trader, is away on business, but has talked about wanting a pair of Leather Leggings. If the party can find some so she can give them to him as a Midsummer festival present, she is willing to trade them a Bag of Grain.

Kira Halfgate[]