The original Shepherd Garrison, now a Temple of Kor, in Januli.

The Grrrlf War was a historical conflict between humans and Grrrlf in Betrayal in Antara.


Human histories describe a peaceful agrarian human society holding the lands that would eventually become the Antaran Empire, neighbored by Grrrlfland to the north of the Harkune Mountains. According to these histories, the peace was broken in a concentrated attack by "bloodthirsty" Grrrlf sweeping across the land, "killing without discrimination and without mercy." The "noble and inspiring" defense of Ponaka, the last village to fall to the Grrrlf, is recounted in Ponaka's Last Stand.

The attack forced humans out of many areas of Ramar, fleeing across deserts, mountains, and oceans to safety. During this period of upheaval, later called the Migration, many human artifacts and written materials were lost.

The humans lived abroad for many years until magic erupted among them, and mages joined massive human armies in marching upon the Grrrlf and retaking their former lands. The Grrrlf War boasted legendary human heroes such as Barran Malkere, but also involved atrocities; brutal experiments on captured Grrrlf prisoners reportedly led to the development of the Yelloweye potion.

The victorious humans drove the Grrrlf back up into the Harkune Mountains. A treaty was signed to ensure peace between the two races and a garrison of soldiers, known as Shepherds, was established in the mountains to "guard" the Grrrlf and enforce the terms of the treaty. During the ensuring years of peace, the soldiers took up intellectual pursuits and Triune first revealed itself at their isolated garrison, which later became the first Temple of Kor.


  • Human accounts of the Grrrlf War are given in A Brief History of Antara, at the Museum of Antiquities, and in books at the Pernath Academy library. No Grrrlf accounts are given, leaving their perspective of the war's causes and effects untold.
  • Human historians recount that the TrKaa were pushed out of Grrrlf territory before the War.
  • The tradition of the annual Liar's Festival in Choth dates back to before the Grrrlf War.
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