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Grey warriors are former soldiers of fallen Tsurani Houses. They appear in Betrayal at Krondor and its novelization, Krondor: The Betrayal.


Grey Warriors are former Tsurani warriors who had been in service of a noble House that was destroyed by some internal conflict. Having lost their sworn duty and with it their honor, such soldiers are expected to live off the land for the rest of their lives. Unusually, Mara of the House Acoma accepted many such warriors into her estate.

After the Rift War, King Lyam I and Emperor Ichindar agreed to grant freedom to the grey warriors trapped on Midkemia by the closing of the rift. When stable contact between Kelewan and Midkemia was reestablished, many chose not to return, while others continually try to escape Kelewan in search of freedom in the Kingdom of the Isles. Such emigrants often die in the attempt, but some manage to bypass rift security and reach Kingdom soil.


Chapter 1[]

The party learns that a group of grey warriors slipped through the rift and stole a valuable ruby from Makala, a visiting Tsurani Great One. Sumani explains the origins of such warriors and mentions that due to the number of Tsurani soldiers in LaMut who still live by Tsurani customs, the few grey warriors who manage to pass through the rift find themselves unwelcome and travel further into the Kingdom.