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Gregor was a joyman (a traveling minstrel) in Betrayal in Antara. He appears briefly in the prologue to Chapter 1 and is mentioned throughout the game.

This article contains plot or ending spoilers.


As a traveling entertainer, Gregor spent much time in the house of Lord Sheffield in Havesly, the capital of Sheffield's province of Januli, and kept a room at the town inn. The first mate of the Fair Current remembered him as the best singer of his favorite song. Gregor was a patron of an easy-girl, Misha, at a brothel in Beluckre, describing her as a nice girl trying to make her way in a cruel world; he'd left his Havesly room key with her (describing it as "the key to my heart"), as well as a set of long underwear for cold weather. He also saved Captain Tyee's life once by performing the Heimlich Maneuver when the captain choked on a fishbone.

Unbeknownst to Lord Sheffield, Gregor had been a spy for Sheffield's rival Lord Caverton, who had posted him in Havesly to disrupt Sheffield's monopoly of the salt trade. Gregor had used his local influence to frighten merchants and traders, especially after Wraiths began to harass Sheffield's trappers in the Ridgewood, and to spread rumors that Sheffield's business would fail due to better trade opportunities in Caverton's province of Ticor. He had kept a detailed journal of his activities in his room at the inn.

When Gregor learned that a member of Sheffield's household had joined the Shepherds and was plotting to kidnap the Imperial Consort, he stole the conspirator's Shepherd Medallion and fled Januli, gaining free passage on the Fair Current due to the captain's debt to him. At the time, Tyee noticed that he seemed fearful of his life, a premonition that proved accurate when pirates attacked the ship. However, Gregor's flight had also attracted the attention of another conspirator, who sent a griffin to ensure Gregor's death. As shown in the game's prologue, the Fair Current foundered under the dual attack; the ship lost, its passengers and crew took to lifeboats to save themselves.

By coincidence, Gregor ended up sharing a lifeboat with William Escobar, who had been returning home from Januli on the Fair Current. The griffin pursued the lifeboat, targeting Gregor and mortally wounding him when the boat reached shore.

After the griffin was dispatched, Gregor pressed the medallion into William's hands and had only enough strength to whisper "The Consort...." before succumbing to his wounds.


  • Gregor had occupied Room 4 at the Havesly inn, and was paid up until the end of the month.
  • While Caverton denies knowing Gregor during Chapter 3, he admits in the Chapter 4 prologue that Gregor had been his agent.