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Interactive map of the city of Grandeur, with the Temple in the north, the Inn southeast, and the Shop southwest.

Overhead map of Grandeur, with the road leading west and the canyon east.

Grandeur is a Chunese city in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It is first visited in Chapter 4.

History and Geography[]

Description: In the wake of Chuno's devastation, Grandeur evolved into the center of Chunese government. Planners strove to expand the town in celebration of nature rather than in conflict with it, resulting in an organic and peaceful coastal haven.

Grandeur is a walled map city. It lies in Chuno, north of the Waste, though the Waste cannot be accessed from this area. A coastal city, Grandeur is east of the road south to Eastbank; an Imperial bridge provides a route west to Burlen and its southward fork toward Everton. Eastward from Grandeur, a canyon leads into the Ridgewood, where Ghan, Januli, and Grrrlfland meet.


Inn: The Inn By the Sea[]

  • Description: Travelers often chose the northern route through Chuno solely so they could stop at this idyllic seaside retreat.
  • Amenities: Ale, Rations, Meat Pies; rooms are available.
  • Free: a Bracelet on the woodpile next to the fireplace.

Shop: Arcana[]

  • Description: With the close proximity of the Waste, this shop found little difficulty in keeping well stocked with unusual items and curiosities.
  • Sells: Staffs: Kinetic Staff, Staff of Nightmares; Potions: Malkere's Serum, Senwater, Essence of the Wind, Abrida's Conduit, Shadowmilk; Books: Muscles and Glands, An Optics Primer; Necklace of Communion; Carluda's Chain.
  • Buys: Potions, Rings.


Temple of Senaedrin[]

  • Description: Priestesses of Senaedrin have been central to Chunese life ever since the Waste disaster, becoming the soul around which Chuno was reconstructed.
  • Services: Heal; Cure Poison.