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Goblins are a race of Midkemia.

They often ally with Moredhel and harass the Kingdom of the Isles. Murmandamus gathered goblins during the Great Uprising. Moredhel and goblins attacked Carse together.

Some people, on their way to Dencamp-On-The-Teeth, found a way to defeat goblins and fought 3 bands who assailed them.

Goblins raided Highcastle and spied on it for Delekhan. The bridge of the Highcastle Gorge had collapsed possibly stranding goblins on the Kingdom side, and possibly attack merchants for food.

Kroldech locked himself in his command post to create battle plans for a goblin offensive to accompany the Northwarden assault.

A large band of goblins under Gulla were dispatched by the moredhel to aid in an assault on Northwarden. Gulla however approaches the party and requests a "new contract" for 2000 sovereigns. Once the party pays, Gulla allows them to pass through; the rest of the goblins met by the party accept Gulla's new orders to fight for the Kingdom.

Letter to Delekhan[]

This letter is found on a body of a goblin killed near Highcastle

We have studied the defenses of Highcastle in anticipation of your planned assault and have discovered three weaknesses which may be exploited before the attack: The trolls that live nearby may be used to disrupt the flow of supplies to the castle without raising significant suspicions about our interference, many of the guards within the castle appear to be suffering from the wounds we have inflicted on them during our continual raids of the
last few months, and it appears that there has been some problem in the delivery of the pay from Rillanon and many within the castle are beginning to grumble about their situation. We shall report again when we know more."