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Ghan is an Antaran province in Betrayal in Antara. It is visited in Chapter 6 only.

Notable Ghanish characters include Enkudi,  Maris, Khaleth, Lokath, and Khorus Bale.

Geography and Culture[]

Ghan includes the cities of Keth, Choth, Bakril, and Ganath. Torlith and Darvi are on Ghan's western border and may be part of Chuno.

Ghan is largely swampland, and the Ghanish people are coarse and enduring to survive its treacherous fens. The province is rife with Mercenaries who work for hire as far away as Havesly and Imazi. Shepherds operate near Torlith, due to the nearby egress from the Shepherd Cave, and bands of Pirate Archers haunt the southern road from Choth toward the coast.

Uniquely, the otherwise honest and forthright people of Choth have preserved the tradition of an annual Liar's Festival since before the Grrrlf War.


Temple of Kor[]

  • Location: in the swampland east of Torlith.
  • Services: Blessing.


Ghan gnats are mentioned in the game, but never seen. However, Lightning Bugs are a constant problem in the region's swampy atmosphere.


  • A sickness in Farmer Lonzo's calfs in Briala is attributed to tainted Ghanish oats.
  • After the exposure of the corruption in Balmestri, the town's mayor, who had been taking bribes from Pirates, fled to Ghan.
  • The province features in a stage production starring Maria Liana, Ghan with the Wind.