Gerard Fayle.


Full view of Fayle in front of his house in Everton.

Gerard Fayle is a Mercenary living in Everton in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in Chapter 4.

This article contains plot or ending spoilers.


Gerard Fayle was a business partner of Brian Castere, with whom he was often seen in Everton, supplying weapons which Castere then smuggled to the Mehrat for a 50-50% split of the profit. Several times during their business association, Fayle accused Castere of cheating him out of his fair share of the profits.

After one such missive, in which Fayle called Castere a "double-crossing carlith kisser" and claimed a contact in Mehrat told him their goods had sold for far more than the sum Castere had reported, Castere wrote back to request a meeting, insisting that the net take had been as previously stated and that he would never cheat a partner. Fayle subsequently murdered Castere, disguising the crime as a riding accident. However, at some time before the altercation Castere had obtained the Red Key to Fayle's house, burying it south of Teal and concealing the map to its location.

Though Fayle burgled Castere's house, stealing Castere's Journal and desecrated the grave after his burial, he did not find the Key. The map was later found by William Escobar and Aren Cordelaine when they reburied Castere's body. If they dig up the Key and search Fayle's house in Everton, he confronts them when they leave, asking if they've found all they were looking for and attacking to make them mind their own business. If they defeat him, they can take his Broadsword, Breastplate, Banded Shield, 4 burlas, and 1 Ration pack. Whether they defeat him or he flees the battle, they can then tell the Shopkeeper in Everton about Fayle and Castere's treason.


  • One of the items in Fayle's house is a TrKaa Lucky Charm, a strange find since these items are solely given as gifts of respect between the TrKaa and members of other races.
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