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Gar Warren crumpling during questioning.

Gar Warren is the leader of the modern Shepherd cult in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in Chapter 6.

This article contains plot or ending spoilers.


As leader of the Shepherds, Gar Warren met with the Emperor of Antara to seek recognition for the group's self-taken mission to forcibly eject all Grrrlf from human-held lands. The Emperor rejected his petition, recognizing that the group was a bigoted cult.

With the assistance and advice of veteran Shepherd Mage Maris and a noble whose interests aligned with theirs, Warren established a headquarters for his cult in the mountains north of Ticoro and plotted to force the Emperor's hand by targeting his family. Since the Daughter-Heir was too well-guarded, the Shepherds struck at her Consort, kidnapping him from Ticoro during the Spring Festival. Warren believed he could trade the Consort back to the Emperor in exchange for legitimacy and respect.

The Shepherds brought the Consort to their headquarters, but when Warren looked in on the prisoner, he witnessed Maris opening a magical portal through which her collaborators spirited the prisoner away. He overheard her mentioning a Ghanish name, Khaleth, as being involved, but she struck at him with her magic and completed the second kidnapping.

Some time later, Warren is questioned at swordpoint by William Escobar and Aren Cordelaine. While admitting the sequence of events, Warren tries to claim he did not personally witness the second abduction, and blames Maris for everything about the scheme, including its failure and his own unrealistic expectations of the results. When Maris is brought in by two Shepherds, he rails at her, but she lashes out with her magic and is killed by William and Aren. Just then, a panicked Shepherd races in, reporting that the caves are being searched by Imperial soldiers and Lord Caverton's men. In the confusion, Warren flees and loses his pursuers in the tunnels.


  • When William and Aren first arrive, Warren mistakes them for a couple of Shepherds named Treb and Einre. Spelled backwards, these are the names of two well-known characters from Sesame Street.