Friole. S: Pox survivor and his barn. BC: Benje and Cherise. E: Empty Houses. L: Locked houses.

Friole is a town in the Antaran province of Chuno in Betrayal in Antara. It is first visited in Chapter 4.

History and GeographyEdit

Friole was among the first towns in the Empire to be hit by the Feeblepox epidemic, which nearly wiped out the entire community before the disease acquired a name; they are only just beginning to rebuild.

The town lies west of Ghan, on the road leading east to Torlith and Darvi and west to Durst. Cliff walls loom close to the north and south.


Inn: The Broken WagonEdit

  • Amenities: Rations; Roast Chicken; rooms are available.
  • Free: a Grrrlf Bow under a table.

Shop: Bits and PiecesEdit

  • Sells: Wooden Shield; Long Sword; Arrows; Grrrlf Arrows; Armorer's Hammer; Bucket; Pickaxe; Shovel.
  • Buys: all Tools.



Benje and Cherise enjoying their new life together.

  • A pox survivor who lost his wife and children in the plague unlocks his barn and allows the party to stay there overnight. (Once unlocked, the barn serves as an Empty House.) Inside, they find a letter to the Vell Studies Department at Pernath Academy, detailing an historic archaeological find in the Aliero Mines. If the letter is shown to the pox survivor, he says it must have been left behind by the courier who brought the pox to Friole.
  • Benje and Cherise, who eloped from Sortiga and settled in Friole, welcome the party and describe being part of the town's rebuilding process. Benje's brother has not forgiven them, but Cherise hopes her father will come around when their baby arrives.
  • Two houses are locked and the party is unable to tell whether anybody is home.
  • The town has two Empty Houses; they hold, respectively, +8 Fishing Pole, +5 Whetstone; and 6 burlas, +8 Shovel.


  • The miner of Quigley Castle in Aliero recounts several digs in the region, including finding fluorite in Friole.
  • Higher-grade items left in the Friole barn or Empty Houses by Aren and William in Chapter 4 can be retrieved by Kaelyn and Raal in Chapter 5, allowing quicker equipment upgrades after the splitting of the party in Chapter 3.
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