Flaar, the "Beast in the Woods."

Flaar is a Grrrlf messenger in Betrayal at Antara. He appears in Chapter 2.


Flaar is a tired-looking, dark-furred Grrlf with a strong voice. He wears simple garb and carries a brown satchel. He can be found in the edge of the woods directly northwest of the Cardone inn.


Grrrfalag, the leader of Flaar's pack, sent him with a message to all other packs in Pianda, tasking him not to return to his pack until all had been contacted. While hunting partridges for dinner in the woods near Cardone, Flaar was shot by two hunters and fled, hoping to hide and stanch his wounds.

While visiting Cardone, William Escobar, Aren Cordelaine, and Kaelyn Usher hear reports of a beast howling at night, leaving pawprints and claw-marks outside windows, and raiding chicken coops. A pair of hunters at the Inn boast of wounding the beast and discuss putting together a hunting group to kill it.

When Aren is startled by a beast at the edge of the woods, Kaelyn recognizes that it's actually a Grrrlf suffering from krrrshkuf (wound-madness) due to his injuries, and says they need to calm him down in order to talk with him.

If the party gives Flaar a Nudration (a Rations pack doctored by mixing it with Nudberry Root, a numbing agent), he regains his faculties and explains what befell him. Learning that he had been in the grip of krrshkuf and having only scattered memories of the past two days, he fears what might have happened, but Kaelyn assures him that he hurt no one and that his ka is clear.

With his wounds bandaged and his mind at ease, Flaar gives Kaelyn a quiver of Grrrlf arrows in appreciation, and tells her to pass on his message -- that all packs should return to the Den immediately -- to any other Grrrlf she chances to meet.

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