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Fire Wolves blocking a canyon in the Waste.

Fire Wolves are hostile magical canines in Betrayal in Antara. Mentioned in Chapter 2, they first appear in Chapter 5 and are frequently encountered in Chapter 9.

Appearance and Habitat[]

Fire Wolves are hybrids between Antaran wolves and Ethereal creatures. They have bright red fur, yellow eyes, and white teeth. They inhabit the Waste and areas very close to it, such as the canyons north of Durst.

In Battle[]

Fire Wolves can attack by snarling and snapping when adjacent or by shooting fire from their mouths when distant. They growl when struck. Talicor Dust can be used on armor to counteract the flames.

A Fire Wolf throwing flame in battle.


  • The Museum of Antiquities in Ravenne has a stuffed Fire Wolf.
  • Kaelyn and Raal rescue a child surrounded by Fire Wolves in a canyon north of Durst.
  • Archibald Feathersby of Darvi leads expeditions into the Waste to hunt a menagerie of creatures of which a Fire Wolf is the only one Raal recognizes.
  • Miles Canaster of Choth wants a Fire Wolf skeleton as a prop for next year's Liar's Festival.