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A ceremony and festival observed and held in Eggley. According to Devon it is made to request blessing from Killian, but he also mentions Silban.

According to the custom, the elders of the village gather in the tavern The Stranger, draw lots and the one with the longest became "The Stranger". The first night he comes to the tavern and orders food, offering fake sovereigns (nimptos). When the "Stranger" leaves, everyone follows him out of the village and spend the night in the fields. The next morning the "Stranger" circles the village 3 times while swinging a strand of hemp over his head, then cuts it and sets it on the road as a token that the goddess of nature, will bless and protect the town and the fields, and the villagers can return to their homes.

If there is no strand, it is taken as a sign that she is displeased and anyone returning will be immediately killed. This is what happened when The Collector killed Stellan while blessing the village as the Stranger, unknowingly disrupting the ceremony; the locals didn't dare to return to the village, leaving all houses empty, and moved to other locations, such as nearby Tanneurs or Hawk's Hollow.

Hearing the news, the high priestess of the Temple of Silban put a bounty on the Collector and decided that there won't be any other such Festival.