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High Brother Fellich Marr before the gates of Ticoro.

High Brother Fellich Marr is a revered and trusted religious leader, the Revered Hand of Henne and leader of the Children of Henne, in Betrayal in Antara. He first appears in Chapter 3.

This article contains plot or ending spoilers.


Marr's full regalia as High Brother of Henne.

Fellich Marr was elevated to his position after his predecessor, High Brother Shoan, died of Feeblepox at the height of the plague, at the end of Selana Sheffield's fostering in Ticoro and before the beginning of the Daughter-Heir's. The Children of Henne, who "know how to party," threw an enormous celebration in honor of his ascension. Marr argued for the practice of fostering to be extended beyond noble families, but High Brother Vaughn, the Hand of Kor, held more sway with the Emperor and the proposal was rejected. As the Hand of Henne, Marr dwells in the Tabernacle of Henne in Ticoro, and can be found outside the city gates in Chapter 4. In Chapter 3, Marr would not tell the party where the Consort was staying in Ticoro, but described the relationship between the Consort and Daughter-Heir and gave Aren Cordelaine a personal blessing. Later, he told the party that he had reassigned Simon Liana to Ravenne to avoid further trouble with the Shepherds.

In secret, he had dispatched an agent to arrange the Emperor's assassination, planning to increase his political influence within the Empire by prematurely installing the Daughter-Heir, who trusted him, on the throne as Empress of Antara. He sent Imperial soldiers to Ravenne to ambush the fugitives falsely accused of the Consort's kidnapping. When the assassination attempt failed, he wrote to his agent, using the pseudonym "Silver Hawk," and instructed him to kill his contact and leave the country until called for. When the agent was killed, no witnesses remained to Marr's involvement.

Months later, when Marr officiated at the Imperial wedding of the Daughter-Heir and the Consort, Aren saw the silver hawk on his staff and realized that he had masterminded the assassination attempt, but that there was no evidence to prove his guilt. Knowing that he was aware of their scrutiny, the party resolved to keep a close watch on him in future.


  • Jhana, a Child of Henne explaining to the party what the Hand of Henne means to their order, recited the following quatrain to describe Marr:

"He is eye that watches o'er us.

He is heart that beats for us.
  He is the voice that commands us.

He is the Hand."