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The Ghanish mage Enkudi.

Enkudi is a Ghanish mage in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in Chapter 2.


Enkudi was the First Mage of the house of Makka. He was called "the Wetlander" by the Montari. Long ago, a Montari died trying to save his life. To even the score, he planned to tap into an underground wellspring to end the drought in Kyree Colony.

After taking out a loan from Antoni Octomont, Enkudi evaded debt collectors while using a collection of valuable gems to magically create a dowsing rod. William Escobar, Kaelyn Usher, and Aren Cordelaine caught up with him on the road northeast of Sortiga, arriving to collect Octomont's debt. Enkudi gave them the gems to cover it, saying they had already served their purpose.

Though skeptical that Aren could understand the complicated magic involved in making the dowsing rod, Enkudi agreed to let him plant it in the underground wellspring, saying it would lead him to the right spot and directing him to plant it in the ground there and activate it. Charging Aren to be sure to complete the task, he added that there was a lot to do where he was and bid the party goodbye.


  • Enkudi's plan to end the drought was adopted by the Montari over Chee's plan.