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Elona. N: Noal's house and garden. E: Empty House. W: woman. M: nervous man. F: Freddy and his sister. T: tree with hidden chest.

Hollow tree with hidden chest; star carved by nervous man.

Elona is a city in the northwest of the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It is first visited in Chapter 4.


Elona lies within a copse of trees along the road north of Teal and west from Burlen. The town is entered from the south side of the copse, while the road bypasses it through the west of the copse and onward toward Burlen. A hollow tree lies along the road halfway through the copse.

It is one of only two cities in the game with no tavern or inn.


Shop: Imperial Jewelers[]

Sells: Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, Bracelets, Pendants. Buys: all non-wearable gems and ornaments.


Naomi's cousin Noal.

Paranoid man.

Adventurous woman.

  • Noal, Naomi's cousin, isn't home; the party assumes he won't mind having her "calcicum nutrients" sprinkled on his garden anyway. They can accomplish this by using the nutrients on the garden beside his house, after which Aren Cordelaine can return to Varnesse and get a magic lesson from Naomi. If the party returns to Noal's house after this, he protests that Naomi pranked him by sending methanene crystals instead, which tainted his vegetables and embarrassed him when he brought them as a tribute to Jaeger Fulbag's extremely fancy party.
  • A paranoid man claims that Mehrat scouts and spies have been seen as far east as Burlen, and believes Elona will be easily overrun, so townsfolk are picking up and moving south. He offers to sell the party the location of a bead chest with its color-key worn off for 150 burlas. The chest is hidden in a very obvious hollow tree on the road through the forest that surrounds the town. In Chapter 7, the man claims to have purchased a magic cloak to ward off swords and arrows; Raal knocks him down with his staff and remarks that there are other weapons too.
  • An Empty House holds 10 Flaming Arrows, 3x Irthinide, 2x Lockpicks, 23 burlas, and an Academy Pass.
  • A woman complains about her fiancee, Marcus, who was about to marry her but was called away to fight the Mehrat. She complains that "the men get to go off and have adventures, while we women sit at home, waiting and worrying. It would serve Marcus right if I did take up with another fellow!" William, considering himself no home-wrecker, chooses to leave. If the party returns later, they interrupt an intimate moment between her and a shirtless soldier.
  • A ferocious barking dog scares the party away from the last house in town. Unbeknownst to them, the ferocious dog is Freddy, the very little brother of a little girl living in the house, who barks at strangers to amuse his sister.


  • The miner of Quigley Castle in Aliero recounts several digs in the region, including finding chrysocolla in Elona.