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Eliaem is the name of a rusalki in Betrayal at Krondor. She appears in Chapter 6.


Eliaem haunts the northern side of the river between the Green Heart and Elvendar.

Chapter 6[]

In a first for the game, this rusalki does not attack when approached. Instead, she addresses them in an odd language which they somehow understand. Assuring them that she will not harm them because their hearts are true, she asks them to find a moredhel spellcaster who is using Eliaem's Heart, "an item named after my own person," to bind other rusalki. If addressed again, she tells them to search westward where the waters meet, and warns them of the hostile rusalki accompanying their enemy.

Upon returning with the Heart and presenting it to her, the party receives twelve packs of Rations and a mysterious shell which, she says, was left on this river's shores ages ago and will aid their quest. She says the shell's uses are many and it is valuable "in ways you may never fully imagine," bearing little on what they seek but perhaps allowing them to find something else they desire.

Thanking them on behalf of herself and all her kin, she adds in parting that the main roads to Elvendar are filled with hazards and enemies, while they will face less opposition and may receive help from Prince Calin if they take the "path less traveled."


The party must have thirteen inventory spaces available when they return the Heart to Eliaem, or the game may crash.


  • While the rusalki never directly tells the party her name, it is telling that she describes Eliam's Heart as named after her. Beyla refers to rusalki in general as "sisters of Eliaem," suggesting a longer story behind this unusual spirit.