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Eldpoint is a town west of Highcastle. Further west is Tyr-Sog.

When the party visits, a band of Trolls wander there.


  • 2 empty houses
  • House of a pot-seller. He asks if the party want a pot, but they are travelers, and need only information; he tells them that it is an ordinary town, and mentions Guds and The Royal Bed.
  • Guds
  • The Royal Bed
  • House of an old shoemaker and his wife, a stout woman. As he is working on a new pair, the woman welcomes the party, and passes the cloth curtain to tell him they are there. The man tells them he is working on a new design for ladies of high fashion: shoes with thin 2-inch heels. He was disappointed to hear that it would feel like you are always walking downhill. The man then offers them a pair of weedwalkers that muffle the sound.

A path leads to a water well.

To the SE is Scavenger's Meet. To the west is an old abandoned house with a poor family; the woman tells them about 2 chests in the south, left by men from Highcastle.