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Dumali. M: salt miner. E: Empty House. G: guildmaster. T: TrKaa bar. S: stonepile.

Dumali is a Janulan town in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It is visited in Chapter 8 only.


Dumali is northeast of Nathby and south of Havesly. A coach runs from Dumali to Beluckre for 400 burlas.

The bead chest (YYYY) by a pathway on the side of town contains an Everedge Sword, and the stonepile in the center of town contains +4 Bowstrings and 8 burlas.


Tavern: Kor's Kitchen[]

  • Amenities: Leg of Lamb, Meat Pies.

Shop: Parnu's House of Mystery[]

  • Sells: Firestaff; Winterstaff; Constitutional Study; A Field Guide to Irrigation and Farming; Muscles and Glands; Weather Patterns of Ramar; Carluda's Chain; Dervish Disk; Ring of the Ranger.
  • Buys: Necklaces, Enhancers, Potions.


  • A brown-skinned, dessicated man introduces himself as a former salt miner, and his faithful burro, who toiled by his side for over twenty years, as Petrush. After being pensioned, he bought Petrush instead of letting the burro be turned into cat food, and Petrush now lives in his house. He desribes how an ancient inland sea was dried up -- very quickly, by the lack of sediments -- and the layer of salt covered by layers of rock, creating the salt deposits he used to mine in Havesly. Mining salt is a lot easier than gold mining, and "the way the light filters through the crystals makes you feel like you're standing inside a white and blue glacier."
  • An Empty House contains +1 Malkere's Serum and +3 Bread.
  • The guildmaster of the salt miners and his wife are moving closer to Ticoro, since Lord Caverton's contracts pay miners more than Lord Sheffield's do -- and also Caverton is providing the wagons for his move.
TrKaa couriers sipping nectar at a bar.
  • Three TrKaa couriers sipping nectar at a bar want to swap stories. If Aren Cordelaine tells them a much-embroidered account of magically wrestling the Wraith that attacked Antara, the green-feathered TrKaa recounts that last weeek, when she was flying over the river southeast of Breland, she saw one human kill another, load a stolen "big and shiny" object into a rowboat, and return to plunder the body further -- only to be trampled to death by a herd of stampeding karn. By the time the TrKaa finished her delivery and returned, the boat had disappeared, leaving the party to wonder what big, shiny treasure might have been worth a man's life -- and, if they return to the Breland river with a fishing pole, find it.