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The Duke of Romney is a noble holding the highest local authority over the town of Romney in Betrayal at Krondor. His first appearance is in Chapter 1.


The Duke is a young man with piercing blue eyes and a goatee. Despite his youth, he has a vigorous, powerful personality and does not hesitate to shout down Guild leaders much older than himself.

Chapter 1[]

Duke Romney can be found at the head of the table in the town's meeting hall, discussing the recent guild troubles with a dozen grizzled masters of local crafts guilds. Ushered to a side bench, the party hears the Duke wave off rumors about Mitchel Waylander's actions and threaten to call aid from Bas-Tyra if the guilds don't fall in line, pointing out that this would draw King Lyam's attention to the conflict as well. Ignoring a side quarrel about whether an unknown guild leader might have assassinated the head of the Riverpullers and dismissing the fact that the powerful Ironmonger's Guild has refused to negotiate, the Duke demands peace in Romney immediately, and promises to hold every man present responsible for any further talk of an uprising.

Overhearing Seigneur Locklear's remark to the rest of the party that Prince Arutha would have the whole group hanged at the thought of rebellion, the Duke replies tersely that with Arutha not present, he prefers to deal with the guilds as family rather than serfs and would not treat them so cavalierly. Snapping his fingers, he orders Sergeant Yearly and Captain Anselm to return the three companions to the outside world where Arutha's rulership is less remote.