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Devon is a scarred mercenary and card-player who resides in Eggley. He appears in Betrayal at Krondor.


While working for the Dauphiness Cassandra of Queg, Devon boarded a Keshian vessel and discovered a stowaway, Abuk. After forcing Abuk to "help" pick the locks of a few choice chests of merchandise, he chained him in the belly of the ship, planning to present him to Cassandra as a gift. However, the skilled lockpick was gone when they docked in Palanque, leaving a note saying that he would be in Silden if they needed him.

Devon also worked for the Dauphiness of Palanque. Unfortunately, during a tavern game of lin-lan with an old sea dog, Devon was unable to match a bet and rashly accepted a dare to put up the purse he was carrying for the Dauphiness, losing the entire sum. The Dauphiness was angry and Devon worked as a bodyguard for two years to pay off his debt.

While staying in Eggley for several weeks, Devon noticed a a visitor to the town's tavern who had ordered the same meal as he had (beef, bread and ale). After eating, the man, and everyone else in Eggley, then inexplicably left the town. Devon learned later that his visit to Eggley had coincided with the Festival of the Stranger, but that when the Festival's rituals were disrupted by the stranger's death, the displaced farmers took it as a bad omen from Killian (or Silban) and refused to come back. With their permission, Devon took over as Eggley's tavern-keeper, welcoming and entertaining Rake and anyone else who passed by.

At some time he had played pokiir with Isaac and his moredhel friends, whom Devon took for elves. Unlike Isaac's account of the game, Devon felt that Isaac's playing style was almost that of a mind-reader, and recalled that each time he folded, he smiled to his friends.

Chapter 1[]

The Festival
Asked about the Festival of the Stranger, Devon says that it is dedicated to Silban (while in his previous narration he mentions Killian), and mentions that the Temple of Silban, north of town, "smells like a whore's bedchamber."
Pokiir (after talking with Isaac)
Describes his game with Isaac, mentioning that one of Isaac's "elven" friends wore the clothes of Delekhan's moss-troopers.
A Game
Locklear may to play pokiir with Devon, betting for 50, 75, 100 or 200 (owning an Amulet of the Upright Man perhaps increases the odds)
If Locklear refuses to play, Devon tells the story of his lin-lan loss in Palanque.
Self Defense (after refusing to play)
Devon offers to teach combat tricks for 80 sovereigns. If the party accepts, he retrieves his Salamanca from under the counter and takes the team to the graveyard for a lesson, increasing their Defense.
Devon mentions that troops of moredhel have been passing by on their way to Tanneurs, missing their usual custom of stopping by to provoke the townsfolk.
Asked about abandoned buildings, Devon says that he refuses to break into the town's empty houses since he doesn't know if the townsfolk will return. With lockpicking on his mind, he recounts his adventure with Abuk.