Delekhan is a powerful moredhel chieftain who appears in Betrayal at Krondor. He is the husband of Liallan and father of Moraeulf.


Leader of the unified Nations of the North, Delekhan was once one of Murmandamus’ field generals during the war of the Great Rising, in which the moredhel made a bloody march to Sethanon.

He has risen to great power by taking advantage of the disunity among his people following their humiliating defeat. With his power, he has terrorized various clans into joining him in another siege on Sethanon, telling his people that Murmandamus is being held captive by the Kingdom of the Isles. To this end, he has hired a band of mercenary magicians (dubbed “The Six” by his advisers) who help him to consolidate his power.

Always arrayed in battle gear, Delekhan's mercurial temper is as legendary as his hatred for the chief rival to the throne in Sar-Sargoth, Gorath of the Ardanien.


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