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Delekhan is a powerful moredhel chieftain who appears in Betrayal at Krondor. He is the husband of Liallan and father of Moraeulf.


Leader of the unified Nations of the North, Delekhan was one of Murmandamus’ field generals during the war of the Great Rising, in which the moredhel made a bloody march to Sethanon.

Following their humiliating defeat, Delekhan exploited the disunity among his people to claim that Murmandamus was being held captive by the Kingdom of the Isles and prepare to lay siege on Sethanon once again. With the help of a band of mercenary magicians known to his advisors as “The Six,” he consolidated his power and terrorized a number of clans into joining him.

He confides only in a handful of "cowering dogs," and very few are privy to his war plans. Through messengers sent to Romney, he spent much of his treasury to revive the Nighthawks, sending payments to be left in hidden locales to fund his demands for tactical information about the Kingdom. His private councils are restricted to Narab, Nago, Liallan, Moraeulf and the Nighthawks.

Always arrayed in battle gear, Delekhan has a mercurial temper as legendary as his hatred for the chief rival to the throne in Sar-Sargoth, Gorath of the Ardanien. Gorath returns his hatred, considering him "black poison to the gullets of [our] kind," enslaving their cousins and raping the land. By Gorath's assessment, the clans are not completely loyal to Delekhan and would be willing to cast him down after a small defeat, but ten more clans would bolster his forces if he set forth to cross the border and invade the Kingdom.