Lord Daryl Caverton in Ticoro.

Lord Daryl Caverton is the governor of Ticor in Betrayal in Antara. He is mentioned in Chapter 1 and first appears in Chapter 3.


As governor of the province of Ticor, Caverton is a political rival of both House Escobar and House Sheffield. He resides in Ticoro and has educated himself about the Escobar family. He is insidious, suspicious, and vindictive. 

In the past, Caverton had struck down Lord Escobar's tax proposal in the Shira and considered him an enemy, suspecting him of organizing the Shepherds to disrupt his province. With the recent discovery of salt mines in Ticor, he became director of its new salt trade and aggressively positioned himself to undermine Lord Sheffield and drive him out of business, relishing the chance to harm House Escobar as well by making Sheffield dependent on them through William's impending marriage to Selana Sheffield. To that end, Caverton engineered a shipping strike and hired a joyman named Gregor to spy and spread dissatisfaction about Sheffield's trade routes in Januli.

At the time of the joyman's death, Ticoro had been chosen as a stopover for the Imperial Consort on his way to be presented to the Imperial Court in Antara. Caverton promised the Consort privacy during his stay in Ticoro. However, the Consort's abduction from the city in the middle of the Spring Festival was a great embarrassment to Caverton. Suspecting William Escobar and party, both because William had been asking questions about Gregor and the Shepherds and because the party had tried to contact the Consort personally, Caverton had them arrested for interrogation by the Emperor's Shadows, visiting to gloat and taunt William with supposed lack of knowledge of Nathan Escobar's villainy. However, the prisoners escaped from their guards on the road outside Ticoro.

After this debacle, Caverton was forced to call on years' worth of accumulated favors from his peers to prevent them from moving against him politically as the Emperor considered withdrawing the governorship of Ticor and bestowing it on a different House.

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