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Dala is a divine figure worshiped in the Kingdom of the Isles in Betrayal at Krondor. She is associated with protection, watchfulness, and guardianship.


Psalms of Dala, a book of hymns to the protector goddess, details her frequent clashes with war-god Tith. A liturgy of psalms appears the book, which provides prayers to be said when waking, when going to sleep, before eating, upon entering inns, and to request Dala's favor in self-defense when entering battle.

Risa, the archpriestess at the Temple of Dala, says that Dala guards not only those in battle, but also sleeping travellers, and all those in need.

Risa also refers to Dala as the Shield of the Weak and Watcher at Hearth and Threshold.

Cultural impact[]

Theological books concerning Dala are kept in the Vault, but Dala may be best known for the good works done by acolytes of her temple. Risa also says that people misinterpret Dala's role in the balance of things.

The Brotherhood of the Shield of Dala bless the springwater that is sold as Dalatail Milk at fairs and trading meets.

A weapons shop in Wolfram, The Arms of Dala, is named after her.