The Counting-Game Song is set to a children's game played in Teal in Betrayal in Antara


Children sit in two rows while pebbles are dealt one by one until they run out. Each child with more pebbles than the opposite child wins that child's pebbles. The game continues until one child has all the pebbles (or bedtime, whichever comes first).


1 is for the Emperor, the one the Cloak has graced.
2 is for the mages who in battle made the Waste.
3 is for the Triune, for they are always near.
4 is for the seasons as they turn throughout the year.
5 is for the years in which a priest of Kor must train.
6 is for the countries over which the Emperor reigns.
7's for the books of law which make Antara great.
8 is for the Harvest Days that we all celebrate.
9 is for the pirate clans who sail upon the sea.
And 10 is for the fingers that I count on, 1, 2, 3!

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