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Corbi is a soldier at Northwarden in Betrayal at Krondor. While never seen, he figures in the activities of others.


When first visiting Thea Halfgate, the party learns of her fiancee, a soldier quartered in Northwarden. She rewards them with a Heavy Crossbow if they teach her some crossbow tips to practice with him. If the party visits later, she adds, "He's hooked, he just doesn't know it yet."

Chapter 3[]

While visiting Northwarden, Jimmy the Hand can stop the smuggling out of a love letter from Corbi to Thea.

Chapter 5[]

Upon finding Tamney the Minstrel, the party learns that he had been helping along Corbi and Thea's relationship for several months, until battle seemed inevitable. After convincing Corbi, who had been guarding the Northwarden treasury, that Thea was awaiting him elsewhere, Tamney had taken advantage of his absence to steal a pouch of treasure and flee the city.

To prevent Corbi from being implicated in the theft, Tamney asks the party to return the stolen gems to Northwarden after the upcoming battle, and explains that the geomancy stones he asked them to retrieve would be made into an attractive wedding band for the lovers.