Chests of several types are found throughout the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara.


Large, Small, and Medium chests can be found throughout the Empire. In Chapters 1 and 2, the party can encounter locked chests, trapped chests, and trivia chests. In Chapter 3, chests with bead locks are introduced. All Chests are visually identical until clicked on.

Right-clicking on a Chest allows the party to Assess its nature. Assessments are accurate as to size and lock type, but if the party's Assessment stat is not high enough, they might not realize a chest is Trapped until too late. To check for Traps more reliably, use the spell. Only one hour's use is needed per chest.

A Locked or Trapped Chest can be unlocked with Lockpicks. For best results, the party member with the highest Lockpick stat should use the tools. If the party member's stat is not high enough, they may be unable to unlock the chest, break the lockpicks, or trigger a Trap.

Unlike items left in Empty Houses, items left in Chests between one chapter and the next can disappear.

Trapped ChestsEdit

Trivia ChestsEdit

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