Chee, leader of the Montari colony of Kyree.

Chee is the leader of Kyree Colony, a Montari colony in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. The only Montari NPC in the game, Chee appears in Chapters 1, 2, and 6.


Chee, a Gold Montari (the race's highest-ranking caste), perpetuates the restrictive Montari caste system and its prohibitions against Grey, Brown, and Black Montari from leaving their colonies or communicating with "toplanders." In keeping with taboos against Gold Montari fraternizing with outsiders of low social standing, Chee verbally refuses to speak with Kaelyn Usher and responds to Aren Cordelaine with a mere "<chitter>". However, the rank of William Escobar, son of a noble Antaran House, is high enough for Chee to freely speak with him.

Chee exhibits great pride in the achievements of the generations of Montari who carved out the tunnels of Kyree, and vindictiveness against outsiders who cause harm to the colony.

Like many Montari, Chee considers Masliths delicious.


As Kyree Colony was increasingly affected by the recent drought, Chee proffered a plan to seize Imazi water sources from Lord Gerson, who had diverted their rivers to fill his moats. The plan was rejected in favor of the Ghanish mage Enkudi's effort to restore Kyree's underground river through use of a dowsing rod.

Upon learning that a tunnel is needed to overthrow Gerson, Chee enthusiastically dispatches a team of Black Montari for the task, envisioning "the look on Gerson's muzzle" when he realizes his ill-gotten moat can't protect him.

Chee never addresses or acknowledges the party's role in destroying the bands of rogue Black Montari on the roads of Pianda or the hostile Grey and Brown Montari in the colony itself.

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