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A Carlith blocking the way.

Carliths are reptiles dwelling in Pianda and Antara in Betrayal at Antara. Carliths appear in Chapters 1, 2, and 6.


Carliths are large gray-brown reptiles with beady eyes, heavy low-slung bodies, sharp teeth, and vicious jaws that drip saliva. Land-dwellers, they grow up to four feet long and move quickly on all fours. They hiss when attacking and when struck.

A common threat to travelers, Carliths are found both above and below-ground, lurking on paths and inhabiting caves.


Carliths underground.

  • Carliths blocking the way in southeast Pianda.

    Infrequently, defeated Carliths are known to carry gold and other small items.
  • According to a trapper in Keth who sells Carlith jerky, Carlith tastes like chicken.
  • A scroll sold in Panizo, Melay, and Darvi, Carlith Mating Rituals, describes "the random nature of carlith pairings and the probability of producing clutches of certain sizes," adding +5 to the reader's Gambling stat.
  • Patchworks of polished Carlith scales are used in the manufacture of the Tortoise Shield, providing a many-angled surface to deflect weapons.