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Captain Tyee.

Captain Tyee was the captain of the Fair Current.



Tyee's earliest memories are of his mother rocking him in a cradle on board the Fair Current, whose command he eventually inherited from his father.

Tyee incurred a life-debt to the joyman Gregor, who saved him from choking to death on a fishbone. To discharge this debt, Tyee allowed Gregor, who seemed to fear some unspoken danger, a free voyage to Pianda from Havesly in Januli. William Escobar, who had been in Havesly visiting his fiancée Selana Sheffield, was also on board.

During the voyage, the ship was set afire in a pirate attack. Tyee's crew could have dealt with the pirates, but when a hideous flying monster attacked the ship as well, it was every man for himself. Escaping in a lifeboat with some crewmen, Tyee saw the monster pursue the lifeboat holding Gregor and William. Two crewmen died as a result of the attack, and the Fair Current was lost.

After the wreck, Captain Tyee repaired to Nathby as he explored options for the future. A part of the crew, including first mate Poul, stayed on with him. Others joined whatever crew they could find, including pirate crews.