Camille Farrey.

Camille Farray is a mage who lives in Ticoro in Betrayal in Antara. She can be found in Chapter 3. (For the city in Chuno, see Camille.)


A middle-aged woman with an ironic smile and a windchime laugh, Camille Farray has dark brown hair and wears a golden pendant, along with one golden earring in her right ear. She is polite and elegant, with keen eyes that seem to catch details others might have missed.

Farray's home is in Ticoro, near the northwest corner of the city. She can be visited once per game.


Camille Farray does not introduce herself when the party finds her house in Ticoro, but Aren Cordelaine knows who she is anyway. William Escobar finishes introductions, as Aren is flustered at meeting a potential teacher. After learning why they've sought her out -- "You're obviously not here to sell me cookies--" she laughs and explains that she hasn't coddled an apprentice in years: "They're always asking questions, getting underfoot, and are usually more trouble than they're worth. Nothing personal, ... but I'm afraid you'd just cramp my style."

When Aren, disappointed, says he'll just have to wait for High Mage Finch, Farray reveals Finch's nickname -- Boodgy -- and asks how the "old dear" is doing, correctly guessing that the bugs he's watching are Maposa beetles. She ponders the past, and decides not to send Aren away empty-handed after "Boodgy" took the trouble of sending him to find her.


Camille Farray's house in the northwest corner of Ticoro.

If Aren has time to learn, Farray can raise one stat: Range, Create, or Water. She spends a few hours teaching Aren the chosen skill, and asks the party to tell Finch she said hello. William agrees, relishing the thought of springing Farray's nickname on Finch.
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