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Camille. B: blind prophet. R: red-faced man. P: Pamela. C: captain. W: "healing" well.

Camille is a town in the Antaran province of Chuno in Betrayal in Antara. It is first visited in Chapter 4. For the mage of the same name, see Camille Farray.


Camille is southwest of Eastbank and north of the road between Durst and the Imperial bridge leading out of Chuno. The chest by the river is poison-trapped.

A coach runs to from Camille to Durst for 320 burlas.


Inn: The Hollow[]

  • Amenities: Ale, Fish, Roast Chicken, Gambling; no rooms.

Shop: House of Shields[]

  • Sells: Shields: Banded Shield, Grrrlf Shield, Small Shield, Tortoise Shield, Wooden Shield
  • Buys: Shields and Armor.


The Prophet of Camille.

  • A short, husky man asks 60 burlas per sip from his well, saying that Camille's Prophet once drank from it, "blessing it wiht wondrous restorative powers." If the party pays for a sip, they find that the water does heal 15% and cure poison by 5 to 10% -- but only because the owner has laced it with Senwater and antivenom.
  • The blind Prophet recognizes each member of the party immediately, despite being unable to see. He explains that the Triune speaks as one through him if they choose, but that to receive his blessing, petitioners must give up a sword untainted by blood. If the party gives him any 100% sword, he blesses them dramatically. Usually, nothing happens, and the Prophet explains that although he provides a conduit, he cannot control the flow. However, if the party has the Insurance Policy from Imazi in their inventory, it begins to glow faintly; though they don't understand why, they receive +5 Defense and the Prophet advises them not to waste the "great gift" they've been given.
  • In Chapter 7, a riverboat captain can't help the party cross the river, because Ghanish mercenaries (or, as he puts it, "ray-kissing bottom feeders") stole his barge.
  • In Chapter 7, Pamela, a woman whose heirloom bracelet was saved from being lost in the river by an Eastbank mage named Stephen, tells the party her story. After visiting him as well, they can return and delight her with a love poem ostensibly from the mage, and then bear her promise to meet him back to Eastbank. His reward for their trouble is one of the four ways to cross the river in Chapter 7.
  • In Chapter 7, a red-faced man takes the party for tardy Consul's representatives from Grandeur and takes them to task about broken bridges and lax Imperial security on the roads. The presence of Raal cows him a bit.


  • The miner of Quigley Castle in Aliero recounts several digs in the region, including finding rutile in Camille (as well as in Teal).