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Calvert Bryce.

Calvert Bryce is a mage attached to Lord Sheffield's household in Betrayal in Antara. He is mentioned earlier, but first appears in Chapter 9.

This article contains plot or ending spoilers.


When the Emperor's Shadows forbade Bryce from researching fracture travel to and from Etherea, although he was certain it could be done, he felt shamed before the entire magical community and continued his work in secret in order to revenge himself on the Shadows. He discovered how to successfully shield a non-mage from the raw magic in Etherea, but his experiments in making his shield more powerful released shielded Wraiths into the Ridgewood, where they survived and attacked passers-by long after the mana-poor atmosphere of Ramar should have smothered them. Fearing an investigation should news about the Wraiths reach the Shadows, Bryce persuaded his cousin Liam, a Child of Henne, to have the Children lock the Wraiths into a wardstone circle and tell no one about them.

Shortly thereafter, Bryce was approached by a man named Petrov with a plan to embarrass the Shadows by assassinating the Emperor despite their protection.


  • Two copies of Bryce's Journal exist: one in the Lighthouse in Havesly, and one on the table in Bryce's workshop.