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Byra Maden is a historical mage in Betrayal in Antara. He is mentioned, but never appears.


Byra Maden was a great mage during First Wave of Magic before the Antaran Empire. His legendary feats brought him fortune and renown, but despite his fame, he vanished without a trace during the anti-magic Uprisings. The people created a lavish tomb in his memory, filled with items of incalculable value and power that he had possessed. However, according to legend, the tomb also vanished into thin air.

No credible evidence of the tomb's whereabouts has emerged over subsequent centuries, though many claims have arisen and been proven untrue.

The only existing portrait of Maden is kept at the Museum of Antiquities in Ravenne. A docent there, Cynthia Vanous, has found no research to support any theory of the tomb's whereabouts and acknowledges that it could be anywhere, but personally believes it may be at the heart of the Waste.