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The Blue Wheel Inn is a Midkemian inn in Betrayal at Krondor. It can first be visited in Chapter 1.


Undoubtedly the newest tavern in town, the Blue Wheel was sedate, almost sleepy in comparison with other LaMutian shops. Inside, dark skinned patrons slapped down hard earned sovereigns in exchange for the Blue Wheel's exclusive imports from the far distant Empire of Tsuranuanni.


The Blue Wheel can be found in LaMut. Its innkeeper, Sumani, serves spicy Tsurani food and drinks from Midkemia and the Tsuranuanni Empire, including chocha.


The party can converse with Sumani, Dubal An Loch, and a curt man who is jobless thanks to road safety regulations instituted by Prince Arutha.


  • Barmaid: +7 Rations, 4g7s; +14 Rations, 8g4s; Quegian Brandy, 6g7s; Ale, 1g3s.
  • Inn: rooms are available for 5 sovereigns per night.
  • Music: a lute is available for Barding.
  • Combat lessons: the party can pay Sumani 75 sovereigns for a combat lesson.