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Beyla is the High Priestess of the Order of Eortis in Betrayal at Krondor. She can be visited as early as Chapter 1.

Order of Eortis[]

A splinter faction of the Temple of Killian, the Order of Eortis occupies the Temple of Eortis, keeping its doctrines alive and serving their missing deity through meditation and prayer. The Order's priestesses believe that their worship will eventually restore Eortis from oblivion. Though they are devoted to Eortis and his domain, so little of his essence survives that they cannot commune with him directly and are unable to guarantee his aid to supplicants, relying on omens and small, obscure signs to indicate his influence.

Chapter 1-3[]

Upon first meeting the party, Beyla realizes that they are dangerously ill. She explains Eortis's history and advises James to seek help elsewhere, as she is not an acolyte of Sung and the surviving shadow of the vanished deity's former power can only act on behalf of the denizens of his sea kingdom. Asked whether a duty of obeisence might compel Eortis to reach outside his purpose, she allows that there is no harm in trying, though she cannot guarantee his aid or interest, and the ship which visits her isle will not return to it until their mission is complete. As a starting point, she mentions rumors of distressed rusalki lingering by local rivers, giving the party hopes of winning Eortis's favor by laying these troubled "sisters of Eliaem to rest.

When the party agrees and turns to leave, Beyla is struck to her knees. Rising, she breathlessly explains that experiencing Eortis's wordless touch can sometimes be overwhelming, but that something about the party has attracted his interest and he has smiled upon them. They leave, fully healed, to carry out their task.