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Beluckre. M: Montari gamblers. E: Empty House. J: Jax. T: Tibor and Cecilia. O: old Jaeger. B: brothel.

Beluckre is a Janulan town in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It is visited in Chapter 8 only.


Beluckre is south of Knightridge and north of Nathby. It is bracketed by forests on the east and west.


Tavern: Lightning Left[]

  • Amenities: Bread, Wine, Fish, Fatty Meat.

Shop: Marlon's Mercantile[]

  • Sells: Talicor Dust, Hardening Fluid, Oil, Irthinide, Bowstrings, Beeswax, Shovels, Whetstones.
  • Buys: all Tools.
  • Special service: when supplied with 1 unit each of Senwater, Fatty Meat, and Fidali Leaves, Marlon can provide the party with Sencream.


  • A drunken young man losing badly in a gambling match with three Montari -- one Gold and two Greys -- tries to prolong the play with vouchers, citing his House's name and falling into a rage (and on his face) when the Montari refuse to play for paper. Aren Cordelaine tries to help him up, but gets a string of drunken curses and a stiff arm in the ribs.
  • An Empty House contains a Banded Shield and a Rapier.
  • Jax, a gambler, invites the party in. After watching him play a match, Aren pulls him aside and states that he's been magically cheating, but Aren won't do anything about it if Jax teaches him how. Jax offers to do so if Aren can clean out his winnings in a fair match for 300 burlas a hand.
  • Tibor and Cecilia, a married couple, greet the travelers. Tibor -- not a mage, but able to channel magical energies -- says he has the ability to recharge magic staffs for 500 burlas. Cecilia protests, since using this "gift" takes a great physical toll on him, but he says gently that he has to ply his trade to keep her out of the brothel. If the party offers him an exhausted magical staff, he fully recharges its magic, and Cecilia bitterly takes him indoors to care for him.
  • An elderly and mostly-deaf jaeger sitting in the sun complains to his servant, Christopher, about his degenerate son wasting his education and opportunities among degenerates. His line goes back to long before the Empire; his ancestors marched with Valorian I when he took Pianda and they fought side by side in Ambra and Quavain, but now nothing is as it used to be, what with the scandalous corruption of the Shira and even the Jaegers, invading Mehrats, pirates, strikes... Nodding off, the old man murmurs thanks that he won't be around long enough to see much more of it.
  • At the brothel, the party can talk to Misha. If they return after visiting Nathby, they can talk to her about Gregor.


  • A famous limerick, partially recited in Nathby, references Misha and Beluckre.