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Bakril is a Ghanish town in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It is visited in Chapter 6 only.


Bakril is on Antara's east coast and is the easternmost town in Ghan. It is south of Nathby and north of the crossroads that fork westward to Choth or continue south into Pianda.

A coach runs from Bakril to Choth for 500 burlas.

A trapped chest at the south edge of town contains Arrows, 3x Essence of Wind, and +5 Irthinide.


Tavern: The Bannerman[]

  • To enter the tavern, the party must defeat four Mercenaries from Keth, who have been besieging the tavernkeeper since Lord Dakka's order of Bakril frost wine had to be sent by land due to the shipping strike and bandits raided the caravan and stole it. If the party retrieves 12 Wine from the trapped chest at the crossroads to the south (or has wine already) and returns it to him instead of taking it back to Lord Dakka, he gives them a Breastplate.
  • Amenities: Meat Pies, Rations.
  • Music: Kor's verse of I Guess I'll Be Drinking Their Share.

Shop: Natural Wonders[]

  • Sells: Steadfast Tonic, Kor's Blood, Razorcup Nectar, Herbal Powder, Senwater.
  • Buys: Potions, Enhancers.


  • Gender-indeterminate laughter peals from a house, becoming disturbingly louder and more hysterical as the party approaches, with no pauses for breath. The party chooses not to investigate.
  • Two Empty Houses contain, respectively, 2x Kor's Blood and 2x Halder's Brew; and a suit of Montari Chain Mail.
  • A fight is taking place in the southernmost house, throwing the party into a battle with two Mercenaries and two Mercenary Archers.


Mercenaries outside the Bakril tavern.

  • The battle grid for the mercenary fight outside the tavern is mapped onto the building itself as well as the street out front.