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Aurora Valorian, Daughter-Heir to the Throne of Antara.

Princess Aurora Valorian is the Daughter-Heir of Antaran Emperor in Betrayal in Antara. She is discussed throughout the game is first seen in the intro to Chapter 8.


Aurora Valorian fostered in Ticoro shortly after the elevation of the Hand of Henne, High Brother Fellich Marr , spending time with the Children of Henne and subsequently the Sisters of Senaedrin. Marr described her as a "delightful child" who would make an "extraordinary Empress" someday.

While on a journey during Aurora's youth, her coach was attacked by Montari. Despite the intervention of a young man from Choth, Aurora was taken prisoner, but the young man freed her and conducted her safely through the forest to Antara, receiving an Imperial commendation and reward for his service to the Empire.

Between her father and King Kalibanque of Chail, a political marriage was arranged between Aurora and Farril Kalibanque, the Third-Heir to the Chailan Throne of Light. Aurora met her fiancee, Antara's future Imperial Consort, and it was reported that genuine love had arisen between them, making their union a true love match as well as a political marriage.

This article contains plot or ending spoilers.

When the Consort was presented to the Antaran Imperial Court, a Wraith burst from his body, stealing his soul and turning to attack the Emperor. Aurora flung herself between the two, and the Wraith possessed her and took her soul as well. The Imperial Shadows magically protected the Emperor, and the Wraith, unable to reach its target, fled, leaving the Daughter-Heir unresponsive in her father's arms.

To prevent the final transformation of their soulless bodies into maddened killers, the Daughter-Heir and Consort were placed in stasis by the Emperor's mages, outside of space and time until their souls could be restored. With the intervention of William Escobar, Aren Cordelaine, and Kaelyn Usher, the two souls were freed from the Wraith and the victims were restored to life.

After her revival, Aurora spent much time with Kaelyn, even convincing her to wear a gown for the Imperial wedding two months later. The ceremony took place in Antara and was officiated by the Hand of Henne.


  • "AURORA" is the solution to a lever chest riddle found in the northeast corner of Ticoro: "Light of the Empire, / A star fallen from the sky / And reborn."