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Map of the Aspreza Caves.

The Aspreza Caves are a small network of caverns in southeast Pianda in Betrayal at Antara. They are located just south of Aspreza and are first accessible in Chapter 1.


Mickel trapped in a pit in the Aspreza Caves.

"The damp, cold caverns of the Aspreza Coast" are used to age a semi-soft cheese whose "sharp bite" is "cherished throughout the Empire." The cave system is small, with three dead-end tunnels leading off a central hub, and can be explored with a minimum of 6 Torches.

There are two groups of four Masliths and two groups of four Carliths inhabiting the caverns.


There are two unlocked, non-trapped Chests in the caves; the Chest found in a northwest cavern contains Cheese, while the one found in a northeast cavern contains Cheese and 1 Torch.


In a large southwest cavern, a small boy from Aspreza, Mickel, has fallen into a pit. If the party has at least 1 Rope, they can speak to Mickel, click on him with the Rope, and rescue him from the pit, returning to his mother's house in Aspreza later for a reward. No Rope is actually used up during the rescue, leaving the party with the same amount they started with.


  • All Cheese sold and found in the game is Asprezan cheese.
  • The Aspreza Caves are the first cave system visited, the first place where Masliths can be encountered, and the first place where Rope can be used in the game (as well as the only place where Rope is needed in Chapter 1.
  • The Carliths inhabiting the caverns do not carry items.
  • There are no Buried Caches or prospecting sites available in this cave, so Shovels, Pickaxes, and the Resonance of Fortune spell are not needed.
  • In Chapter 1, only 1 dose of Senwater is needed during battle to cure a character poisoned by a Maslith.