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Aren Cordelaine wearing Montari Chain Mail.

Armor is worn for protection in Betrayal in Antara. There are many different sets of armor throughout the game.


Armor takes up 4 full inventory spaces when not being worn.

All Armor can be Blessed or Enhanced. Most Armor can be repaired with an Armorer's Hammer, success depending on the character's Repair stat. Shepherd Armor cannot be repaired. The Hammer can be applied to equipped or non-equipped armor after or during battle; the Auto-Repair function allows Armor to be repaired every nightfall if the character has a Hammer.

Armor List[]

Damage Absorbed and Hardness are listed for each type of Armor.

Leather Jerkin[]

  • DA: 25%; H: 10
  • Description: Lightweight and affordable, the simple leather jerkin and leggings offered a modicum of protection without slowing the wearer down -- a common choice for travelers wary of brigands.

Leather Armor[]

  • DA: 35%; H: 15
  • Description: The leather armor, its stiff leather plates bound together by thin metal strips, conveyed a certain measure of danger. The reinforcing studs helped deflect incomingblades and suggested the wearer wsn't someone to be trifled with. It wasn't pretty, but it did the job.

Shepherd Armor[]

  • DA: 40%, H: 19
  • Description: [Character] fingered the links of the armor, more stylish than standard mail but lighter and less protective. An accompanying tabard emblazoned with the Shepherd emblem reinforced his impression that the ensemble was intended more for show than for serious combat.

Chain Mail[]

  • DA: 50%; H: 25
  • Description: The chain mail, standard equipment among the Antaran military, was heavy but waell worth the extra weight. Its interlocking links and inner padding absorbed much of a bow's impact while preserving the wearer's freedom of movement.

Montari Chain Mail[]

  • DA: 60%; H: 35
  • Description: An impressive feat of metalwork, the lightweight links in this suit of armor were virtually unbreakable. Despite years of study and failed attempts, humans remained unable to match the astounding resilience and craftsmanship of the stylish Montari mail.


  • DA: 70%; H: 30
  • Description: The breastplate was a simple piece of engineering made of two pieces of metal fastened together with buckles and leather straps. Its deflecting surface made it popular among mounted soldiers, who were likely to find themselves amidst a lethal rain of arrows.

Montari Plate Mail[]

  • DA: 80%; H: 45
  • Description: In the hands of Montari craftsmen a piece of metal became a work of art. The finely filligreed plate mail with its ebony and onyx inlay was in great demand among generals, knights, and poseurs -- the former for the unmatched protection it offered, the latter for the flashy image it afforded them at public appearances.