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Armengar is an ancient city in the Northlands in Betrayal at Krondor. It can first be visited in Chapter 4.


A funereal pall hung over the broken stone walls of Armengar as thick oily smoke rose from dark cracks in the ground. Scavengers thrived in the ruins, living on the artifacts they found like mushrooms supping on the decayed bones of some old, dead thing. Slowly the moredhel would reclaim their city and restore its ancient name---Sar-Isbandia.


Armengar is an ancient moredhel city once known as Sar-Isbandia. Ten years past, the fortress was set ablaze in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent Murmandamus from retaking it. Fires still burn in the naphtha mines underground, leaving a reeking pall over the city.

Tavern: The Giant's Broth, where the party can talk to Irmelyn about freeing Obkhar from the naphtha mines. Shop: The Forge Enter: a naphtha cavern where naphtha can be found in various holes and pots, but staying too long leaves Gorath sick.