The Ardanien clan was a moredhel clan in Betrayal at Krondor. Gorath is their former leader.


One of many moredhel clans that lived in the Green Heart forest before the Riftwar, the Ardanien were a powerful clan that did battle against the Tsurani during that conflict. Their clan leader, Gorath, directed one of the only moredhel defensives to successfully beat back the Tsurani, even as thousands of moredhel fled the Green Heart for the supposed safety of the Northlands. Only starvation and superior Tsurani numbers finally drove Gorath and the Ardanien across the Great Northern Mountains to join their moredhel cousins in the Northlands.

There, Gorath became weary of watching friends leave to follow Delekhan and never return again. The might of the Ardanien was broken in the conflict that followed. Imprisoned as a traitor for openly criticizing Delekhan's leadership, Gorath escaped with the aid of his wife Cullich and fled south to warn Prince Arutha conDoin of Delekhan's plans to conquer the Kingdom of the Isles.

Of the Green Heart clan, Delekhan pressed some into service, while others fled.

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