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Antoni Octomont is a financier who lives in Midova in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in Chapter 2.


Octomont, a Burlene financier, offered loans with steep interest rates from City Financiers in Midova. He had a tendency to add "-wise" to his remarks, using terms like "loan-wise", "business-wise", and "collection-wise" to the extent that most people who have met him remarked on it. Upon first meeting him, William Escobar declined a loan, citing the steep interest rates.

Octomont loaned Paolo Verazza the money to start a business. When he did not receive payment, he sent collectors to remind Verazza of the obligation by wrecking his store and confiscating most of his merchandise.

When confronted by William, Octomont at first refused to discuss clients, despite a threat of investigation by tax officials, but relented on the chance that William's parentage would afford him a future in politics. With no firsthand knowledge of the circumstances of the lack of repayment, Octomont cared only that the precedent was bad for business. However, he promised to return the confiscated merchandise upon repayment of the debt, no matter who the money came from.

In lieu of immediate repayment, Octomont asked the party to collect a loan from a Ghanish man, Enkudi, who had evaded collection attempts so far and had last been heard of in Montari territory. Since more collection procedures on his own part would not be cost-effective, Octomont offered to clear Verazza's debt if the party would collect Enkudi's.

When the party returned with Enkudi's payment, Octomont canceled Verazza's debt and had his merchandise returned.