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The province of Antara, not to be confused with the capital city of the same name, is located in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It is first visited in Chapter 4.

History and Geography[]

Antara was one of several human-held provinces bickering amongst each other for geographical space after the Grrrlf War. Several decades into the Anti-Magic Uprisings, Lord Valorian, then king of Antara, offered amnesty to the mages in exchange for their help in conquering adjacent provinces and city-states, becoming the founder of the Antaran Empire.

The Antaran province currently comprises the cities of Antara and Burlen and the towns of Korus Landing, Isten, Everton, Teal, and Elona. Only Antara and Korus Landing are south of the Glassrock Mountains; an Imperial bridge near Korus Landing provides access to the mountain pass into the northeast of the Empire. South of the Mountains, the province borders Ticor to the east; north of the mountains, it borders Chuno.

On the province's northwestern edge, border disputes with the Mehrat have led to armed conflict; Mehrat and the Empire are currently at war.


The administration of the Antaran province is presumably handled from within its capital, the city of Antara, where the Emperor's staff of Jaegers handles the administrative work of the entire Empire.


Temple of Senaedrin[]

  • Location: Isten
  • Services: Heal, Cure Poison
  • Sister Senena responds to inquiries about health issues in the province.

Temple of Kor[]

  • Location: south of Burlen
  • Services: Blessing


Crabs are infrequently found near Antaran rivers, but groups of Masliths are a common sight in the province.


  • The miner of Quigley Castle in Aliero recounts several digs in the region, finding minerals such as galena in Antara, tungsten in Everton, gold in Burlen, chrysocolla in Elona, and rutile in Teal (as well as Camille).