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The Imperial Palace in Antara.

Antara is the capital city of the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara, as well as the capital of the Antaran province. It is frequently mentioned but only appears in the prologues and epilogues of Chapters 7-8 and the epilogue of the game.

History and Geography[]

Overhead map of the walled city of Antara.

Antara was a human city-state ruled by King Valorian I after the Age of Magic. By involving the Church of the Triune and offering amnesty to mages, Valorian began to conquer other city-states, eventually consolidating much of the continent into the Antaran Empire. The current Emperor is Justin Valorian V and his Daughter-Heir is Aurora Valorian.

Antara lies in the westernmost area of the continent, south of the Glassrock Mountains. An Imperial bridge to the east leads toward Varnesse and into Ticor, while Korus Landing lies to the northeast, with another Imperial bridge allowing access to Ciaga Pass, Chuno, and Ghan.

The Captain of the Guard in the city of Antara.

The city is walled and well-guarded by the Imperial Guard. Its most important feature is the Imperial palace, expanded by each Emperor and Empress in turn as the Empire expanded. The palace is secured by the Emperor's Shadows and holds historical and magical relics such as the enchanted Imperial Cloak, which autonomously chooses the next Emperor or Empress from among the current one's offspring. Any Antaran citizen can enter to petition the Emperor when the subgates are open.


  • The miner of Quigley Castle in Aliero recounts several digs in the region, including finding galena in Antara.