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Althafain's Icer is a magician's tool used on Midkemia. It grants blades the ability to do extra Frost damage in Betrayal at Krondor.


Invented by Althafain the Artificer, Althafain's Icer resembles a wand with a frost-encrusted crystal tip that trails a faint mist. The handle is engraved with instructions explaining its use in magically treating a sword, which is accomplished by sliding the Icer's point along the length of the blade. The blue frost that forms on a treated weapon causes incredible pain.


The enchantment bestowed by the Icer is mentioned in Chapel's Rmur n Whepuns, which notes that it can be neutralized with Sarigsbane. A soldier's text in The Vaults notes that wyverns are particularly vulnerable to frost-bladed weapons.


  • Not stackable, though individual Icers may be multi-use; each Icer takes up one Inventory space.
  • A Frost-bladed weapon deals +50 damage for the duration of one battle, but will lose its enhancement after striking armor treated with Sarigsbane.


  • When viewed, the item's description contains a typo: "encysted" should be "encrusted."