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Map of the Aliero Mines.

The Aliero Mines are located just west of Aliero, a Piandan mining town in Betrayal at Antara. They are first accessible in Chapter 1.


A set of tunnels cut in very dark stone and shored up by wooden beams, the famous mines near Aliero have not been heavily worked since the town was hit by the Feeblepox several years ago. A number of treasures remain undelved in the dark walls of the mines, and its caverns are inhabited by one group of Masliths and several groups of Carliths.


With the help of the Resonance of Fortune spell, a good Foraging stat, and an adequate supply of Pickaxes, Sapphires and gold can be found in various places within the walls of the mine.

Hints and Tips[]

  • Annotated map of the Aliero Mines.

    Even in Torchlight, enemies are difficult to see in the darkness of the Mines. Take care when entering a new cavern.
  • If poisoned by a Maslith, have the character use Senwater before ending the battle to remove the poison.
  • Rope and Shovels are not needed in the Mines.
  • Pickaxes are available for a high price in Aliero.
  • For best results, the party member with the highest Foraging stat should wield the Pickaxe. Party members with low Foraging skills may waste several Pickaxe uses before finding anything.
  • There is only one treasure hidden at each treasure site. Once the treasure has been found, that area of the wall is mined out.
  • Fishing poles cannot be used on the underground pool and river.


  • Although a letter is later found detailing a sealed chamber of ancient artifacts present within the mines, no sign of the chamber's discovery or resealing is seen by the party.