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Map of Aliero, with the Aliero Mines at left. Q: Quigley Castle; S: scoured house; D: deaf woman; E: empty house.

Aliero is a Piandan town in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It is visited Chapters 1, 2, and 6.

History and Geography[]

Known for its mining community, Aliero was the site of a major discovery: a trove of ancient Vell artifacts in a sealed chamber in the Aliero Mines, drawing excited academics from Pernath Academy in Burlen to investigate the find. Tragically, a previously unknown plague later named the Feeblepox spread like wildfire through those who had worked on the site. Carried by researchers and couriers, the Pox spread throughout Antara as the surviving Pernath academics quietly ordered the chamber resealed and dropped their investigation. Due to their silence, the plague's origin is not publicly known.

A small town south of the Glassrock Mountains, Aliero lies on the road between Midova in the east and the Imperial bridge to Imazi in the west. The entrance to the Aliero Mines is north of the road west of town.

A coach runs from Aliero to Imazi for 250 burlas or Panizo for 400 burlas.


Tavern: Fresh Air Tavern[]

  • Amenities: Ale, Rations; no rooms.
  • Conversation: an old miner sorrowfully recounts how he lost both his sons to the Pox.

Shop: The Mother Lode[]

  • Sells: Senwater, Lockpicks, Pick Axes, Rope, Beeswax, Shovels, Torches, and Whetstones.
  • Buys: Ale and all Tools.


The miner of Quigley Castle.

  • A house completely scoured in the wake of the Feeblepox gives the party the creeps.
  • A miner in Quigley Castle, a house chaotically decorated with glittering crystals and interesting rocks, regales the party with tales of minerals he has mined in Pianda, Ticor, Januli, Chuno, and Antara over twenty years. For 120 burlas, he teaches the party some mining basics, improving their Foraging stat.
  • An extremely deaf woman argues with the party.
  • An empty house contains a Meat Pie.